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This product is raw, pure Emu Oil in its natural state.  Vitamin E enhances the skin conditioning and skin repair properties, while providing an anti-oxidant effect. 

Ideal for consumers who wish to experience 100% natural Emu oil, particularly if they have allergies to other actives.  May be used as a moisturiser and skin conditioner, or add aromatherapy oils to create a unique massage oils.  Exceptional treatment for burns or insect bites to soothe and relieve inflammation and eczema..

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Skin Moisturiser
  • Treatment of burns and abrasions
  • Relief for skin disorders, eczema and dermatitis
  • 100% natural

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Mrs Marie Hicks - Waikato
Pure Emu Oil is great for my dermatitis, I suffer from it occasionally when I do the oil clears it up quickly. I also use it for very dry skin, and severely cracked hands during calving. I have passed it onto children who suffer from eczema.
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