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A neutral pH natural cleanser and moisturiser for the face and body.  It consists of a very gentle vegetable soap base, with Emu Oil, further complemented with goats milk and a distinctive floral essence.  It moisturises the skin every time it is washed and ensures the skin is rehydrated.  Because the bar is non-drying it can be used to wash the face to remove impurities.  It also makes an excellent base for a ‘wet shave’.  It is of particular benefit to people with sensitive skin or allergies.

  • Neutral pH
  • Suitable for face and body
  • Contains goats milk
  • Non-drying on skin
  • Suits sensitive skin
  • Best cleanser for dry skin

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Sensitive skin Deanna Morse - Hamilton
My younger sister suffers from extreme sensitive skin, body soap (even from the doctor) left her skin bright red and layers often peeled off.. I got her this product from the field days and her skin immediately had no red itchy patches. It was honestly so exciting to watch someone who has suffered from simply washing their skin to have no pain whatsoever. This product is perfect for anyone suffering from sensitive skin, or any of the above recommendations. Thank you so much, we are both very grateful.
Love this soap Jan Hewitt - Queenstown
I love this soap. I bought it at least 3 months ago, used it every day just on my face and it's only now I need a new bar. It's leaves my face feeling very moist. I would certainly recommend it. Wish they made a shower gel.
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