Exergel Emu Oil Relief Rub - Natural Anti-Inflammatory Rub

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Unique formula for pain relief: Our Exergel comprises a natural Emu Oil concentrate formulated qith 10 aromatherapy oils.  Inclluded in the blend of aromatherapy oils are natural anti-inflammatories such as German Blue Chamomile.  This combination of aromatherapy oils together with the anti-inflammatory and penetrative Emu Oil ensures it is highly effective.  Our Exergel Emu Oil Relief Rub delivers proven results.

Proven results: Moanui has had indepnedent medical laboratories test the product formulation against other cortisol based topical anti-inflammatories.  The level of reduction in inflammation was significant, with Exergel providing a 46% reduction in inflammation, while the next nearest cortisol based product provided only 12% reduction in inflammation.

A Natural Alternative for Pain Relief: Emu Oil’s complex blend of natural poly-unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and other natural emollients are beneficial for the relief of stiffness and pain associated with arthritis, sports injuries, and other trauma.  It is an exceptional moisturiser and therapeutic oil that provides natural alternative pain relief.

Size Options: 100ml and 50ml.

  • Naturual anti-Inflammatory rub
  • Pain relief for arthritis
  • Treat muscles aches and pains
  • Pain relief for localised trauma
  • 100% natural
  • A highly penetrative rub
  • Non-greasy
  • Moanui is New Zealand based; we deliver worldwide

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Nobuko Nobuko Nakamura - Kawasaki
I had used Emu oil. l found your web, l want Emu oil again(^o^)
enquiry Irene Cameron - Tauranga
Why is you pure emu oil no longer available, please?
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