Emu Oil Skin Repairer and Moisturiser – All Purpose Cream

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This product has been obsoleted and will no longer be available.  Our apologies to all those who have used and loved the product over the years.

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Our Emu Oil Skin Repairer and moisturiser is a versatile and effective all purpose, moisturising and repair cream.  This natural skin care product also acts as a natural barrier cream, which helps prevent repetitive damage to the skin.

Our hand and skin cream, is suitable for anyone with dry, scaly, cracked or damaged skin, including those suffereing from eczema and dermatitis.  It moisturises and protects the skin, forming a protective barrier to prevent repetitive damage while the reparative properties of the oil assist the healing of minor cuts, scratches and abrasions to help repair. 

Our moisturising cream It has silicon and SPF added, to provide extra protection and can be used on any part of the body that needs an intense moisture and protective and/or the protection of a barrier cream. 

Feedback from satisfied customers has been overwhelming.  It not only acts as a superb hand cream, it actually repairs cracked and bleeding skin on heels and hands.

This product is PARABEN FREE.

  • Repairs cracked hands and heels
  • Effective strong skin moisturiser
  • Barrier cream with silicon
  • Natural skin care cream
  • Contains a light level of SPF sun protectioN
  • Protects and heals minor cuts and scratches
  • Paraben free
  • Moanui is New Zealand based, we deliver worldwide

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Ms Lesley Wheatley - Auckland
I have looked at this product each year at the Fieldays, bought it once before, must have been good, as it is all gone ;-). Bought 3 tubs this time, was not wanting to run out in a hurry. Used it for the first time last night on retiring, my hands still felt good this morning. Have used it twice during the day which is more that I used to with my other creams. I am well pleased with the product and would recommend this product highly to anyone, male or female.
Cracked heels Deanna Morse - Hamilton
My mum has used this on her cracked heels from running marathons for over ten years. It completely removes all cracks and leaves her heels feeling fresh. It is also an amazing cream to use as a moisturizer. I use it everyday on my hands and feet to keep them feeling and looking healthy. It doesn't leave them feeling sticky or greasy which is perfect. 100% recommend this product!
Mrs Marie Hicks - Waikato
I have been purchasing this product for about 20years now. My husband uses it on his face and hands. The elements on the farm can be horrendous and this skin repair seems to help the dryness of his skin. Quite often he is complimented on how young he looks, especially for a farmer. I use this cream mostly over the calving time on my hands, the emu oil properties heal cracks, cuts and dryness a lot quicker than other creams.
Skin repairer/all purpose cream Malcolm and Shirley Marsh - North Waikato
I have used this product for over 5yrs,as a one cream does all. Every Mystery Creek Fields means the time to purchase for the following years supply. Usually 4 to 6 pottles (much cheaper buying direct) Having farmed the Emu for a number of years,we understand fully the incredible healing capabilities of the Emu oil products. Thankyou again for such a great product Mal and Shirley (Pukekawa,Nth Waikato
Mr Shane Milliken - Hamilton
I have used this wonderful cream for many years. It repaired the dry cracked skin on my hands from working on the farm and I continue to use it now. Can highly recommend.
Mrs Karen Davie - Westcoast South Island
Wonderful hand great for farmers. We use it for dry hands.
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