Argan Oil 30ml

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Argan Oil 30ml
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Premium quality, natural Argan Oil is derived from Argan nuts in Morocco.  Moanui Argan oil is 100% pure,organic and cold-pressed.  It is renown for its anti-aging properties and benefits for dry skin, acne, damaged hair, brittle nails and cracked heels. US studies have shown the argan oil has a unique combination of antioxidants and  vitamins to assist skin elasticity and improve suppleness and skin health while reducing damage from external factors. Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega 6 fatty adcids and linoleic acid.  It has been traditionally prized for its medicinal, reparative and cosmetic properties.  It is now providing work and income for Moroccan workers who harvest the oil through co-operatives, taking as much as 3 days to extract 1 litre of oil, hence it is commonly referred to as 'liquid gold'.

Apply to skin, hair, nails and heels by massaging a few drops as needed.  Absorbs quickly with no oily residue.  Packaged in an airless pump to ensure freshness and eliminate the risk of losing precious oil thorugh accidental spillage.

Benefits of Argan oil include:

* Anti-aging by improving skin firmness and elasticity

* Moisturises and softens while re-hydrating and soothing skin

* Assists in reducing the appearance of acne

* Sooth burns, abrasions and sunburn

* Moisturise skin after shaving and waxing

* Smooth hair and add vibrancy, shine and luster

* Conditions dry, brittle nails

* Treats cracked heels




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