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Moanui's Emu Oil skincare range, barrier cream and relief products can be purchased through the secure online store, allowing you to buy any of Moanui's products from the comfort of your own home. Also available online is Moanui's popular Cherr-x natural cherry melatonin dietary supplement which can help to improve sleep patterns and reduce stress and anxiety.  Check out the benefits of Moanui Argan Oil and Barbary Fig seed oils.

Emu Oil is hypo allergenic, with high moisturisation, anti-inflammatory, carrier and reparative properties. Previous testing of the oil has indicated Emu Oil has a cell rejuvenation factor considerably higher than collagen. Emu Oil  products are exceptional for anti-aging and reducing wrinkles, for younger looking skin. 

All Moanui skin care products use Emu Oil as a base, the properties of which act as a superb anti-inflammatory and moisturiser as well as being an effective carrier for the number of additional active ingredients used. Moanui formulations ensure there are sufficient active materials in the products to provide genuine results and functionality, and not minimal quantities for label claims. Each of the products have been scientifically formulated for specific applications and utilise the properties of Emu Oil in conjunction with more traditional moisturising and replenishing co-factors.

The oil is the purest and finest natural cosmetic grade oil available. Moanui use only the highest quality of ingredients to formulate the products. This has resulted in a skincare range that is truly effective and compares with the best known brands in terms of quality and functionality. The key to the products’ effectiveness is the combination of the Emu Oil with other actives, enabling the carrier and penetrative properties of the oil to combine with and transport these actives through the trans-dermal skin layer.