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The farming of the Ratite genus (large, flightless bird, with no keel bone; including Ostrich, Emu Rhea, Cassowary and Kiwi) is now a thriving and established industry in many countries.  The main farming is of the Ostrich and Emu for the high yield of products, namely, meat, leather, feathers and in the case of Emu, a unique by-product by way of Emu Oil.  Emu Oil has been used for centuries by the Australian Aborigines as a traditional treatment for arthritis, muscle and joint pain and a variety of skin conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis and burns.  Emu Oil is derived from a layer of insulating fat around the back of the bird and is then processed and refined to a grade suitable for product use.


The emu is the world’s second largest bird, next to the Ostrich.  The Emu can grow to 1.75m tall and weigh up to 60 – 70 kgs.  It is native to Australia, although it is successfully being farmed in other countries, including New Zealand.  The Emu can live up to 45 years and produces 30 eggs on average, per season.

The Emu produces meat with similar characteristics to the Ostrich.  This meat is low cholesterol while high in iron and protein.  It compares to beef, in colour, taste and texture.  The emu yields up to 15kg of this nutritious and succulent meat.

The leather from the Emu has a distinctive quill pattern, and is very soft and pliable.  An average hide would produce about 9 – 10 sq.ft.  The feathers from the emu are used in the fashion industry and for arts and crafts.


Perhaps the most exceptional product derived from the Emu is Emu Oil.  This represents a natural anti-inflammatory, hypo-allergenic and penetrative oil that has virtually unlimited applications in the medicinal, therapeutic, cosmetic and skin care industries.

Emu Oil is a singularly unique ingredient that is anti-inflammatory, thereby providing relief from pain and inflammation, as well as being highly penetrative.  This means it makes an excellent effective carrier for active ingredients, having the ability to combine with, and transport these ingredients through the epidermal layers.  It is also a superb moisturiser in its own right, and aids the anti-aging process by inhibiting wrinkles and assisting cell rejuvenation.  The oil is hypo-allergenic and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skins.  Additionally, there are reparative properties in the oil which are known to assist the healing of minor cuts and abrasions.

The history of the development of Emu Oil products is based on the traditional application of the emu fat in its raw state as a treatment by the Australian Aborigines for the anti-inflammation properties to relieve pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, dermatitis and burns.

The Emu Oil is a very complex natural emollient containing ~ 28 poly-unsaturated fatty acids, with anti-inflammation and healing properties combined with significant trans-dermal penetration.

The overall physio-chemical characteristics of Emu Oil are not reproduced synthetically.

Moanui Laboratories Ltd.

Moanui has been established in New Zealand since 1993.  The name MOANUI is derived from the Maori language where it literally means “big bird”.  The now extinct Moa was the world’s largest bird and native to New Zealand.  It was a member of the same family as the emu and ostrich, namely the Ratite genus.

The company is responsible for the development and marketing of a range of emu oil based products.

Moanui was the first New Zealand company to recognise and develop Emu oil as a base for Skin Care and Therapeutic products.  All of the Moanui products are formulated to the highest international standards and have been compared favourably, by experienced users, with leading international and European brands.  The Moanui products are proudly manufactured in New Zealand.

Moanui provides a unique and high quality “boutique” product range. These products offer natural properties that are unable to be reproduced synthetically.  These properties enhance the physical condition of the user, whether it is anti-inflammatory pain relief, or improved skin condition and vitality.

Moanui have developed a product range that is a combination of traditional herbs and oils, combined with the very latest scientific bio-complexes. The company’s philosophy is to provide a totally natural, quality range of cosmetic and therapeutic products that consistently meet international standards, which are also reasonably priced.


Emu Oil is hypo allergenic, with high moisturisation, anti-inflammatory, carrier and reparative properties.  Previous testing of the oil has indicated Emu Oil has a cell rejuvenation factor considerably higher than collagen.  Emu Oil  products are exceptional for anti-aging and reducing wrinkles, for younger looking skin.

All Moanui skin care products use Emu oil as a base, the properties of which act as a superb anti-inflammatory and moisturiser as well as being an effective carrier for the number of additional active ingredients used.  Moanui formulations ensure there are sufficient active materials in the products to provide genuine results and functionality, and not minimal quantities for label claims.  Each of the products have been scientifically formulated for specific applications and utilise the properties of Emu Oil e in conjunction with more traditional moisturising and replenishing co-factors.

The oil is the purest and finest natural cosmetic grade oil available.  Moanui use only the highest quality of ingredients to formulate the products.  This has resulted in a range of products that are truly effective and compare with the best known brands in terms of quality and functionality.  The key to the products’ effectiveness is the combination of the Emu Oil with other actives, enabling the carrier and penetrative properties of the oil to combine with and transport these actives through the trans-dermal skin layer.